Sims vacation

I have an HP CD-Writer PLus 8250i
–not sure about my cd-rom
I have succesfully backed-up my sims and the expansion pack “livin’ large”
…but cannot seem to successfully do “vacation” expansion pack–based on all the searching thruogh thew forums I found lots of helpful post by Future Proof but was not able to understand everything he was talking about and am not sure if my cd-writer is capable of doing the safeguard v2…any help i would greatly appreciate! --thanks:)

It’s SafeDisc 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Your HP writer can do this protection (you are lucky I see since these HP drives are just exceptions). Could you please install this game and use SafeDisc Analyser to find the exact version? Load this tool and open the exe-file on your hard disk. I think you need to write the game with AWS enabled and with Hide CDR Media enabled in the CloneCD tray when playing from your writer.

vacation is the latest, (sims game, i mean) and its either 2.51 or 2.6, duno which off the top of my head…im pretty sure its not the 2.51.021 which kills most writers, though.

thanks gamefreak,
well, I noticed on that list there are 2 diff. lines listing the 8250i –
which one do I go by? —Also, how do I turn on the AWS and hide cd-r media options in clone cd version (I prefer Not to upgrade my clonecd if possible) and using that nifty tool you posted a link to, the info it gives me is: safedisk version 2.51.021 —could NOT find any *.icd files in my sims dir. I just did it with sims.exe …to get the version 2.51.021 --thanks in advance@!:slight_smile:

thanks for all the help…I was able to make a working back-up, however the backup WILL install the game (unfortunately it takes a LOOONG time for the install to actually start up), but WILL NOT allow you to start playing the game…to play the game you need to d-load the file loacted HERE…find the file called:“THE.SIMS.VACATION.10.ENG.NOCD.ZIP”… and unzip it to the dir: C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims …or wherever you “sims.exe” file is located…and say YES to overwriting the “sims.exe” file…the link posted in this message will only work through June 10th …sorry about any inconvienience this causes anyone.(I will try to update the link after June 10th, but no promises)…again thanks for the help …this clonecd forum has been a life saver!..:cool:

Actually the idea with CloneCD is to make a copy without having to use NO-CD cracks. These are even considered illegal (well at least controversial) so I deleted the link in your thread. CloneCD can make a working back-up of SafeDisc 2.51.021 but I can’t say for sure it will work with your HP drive. You need to upgrade to the latest CloneCD version to be able to use AWS. Please note that AWS isn’t needed for writers that have ‘two-sheeps’. Also you need ‘Hide CD-R Media’ enabled in the CloneCD tray when playing from a CD-writer. But you already ‘fixed’ it so… :wink: