Sims Vacation and Hot Date

I have two questions 1. I have a hp cdwriter 8200e series(usb) and I have been trying on and off to backup my copies of Hot date and Vacation (my kids us them all the time) but to no avail. I am using the latest download of Clone but without any success. I am not sure what settings to use. Could someone help me. Number 2. The download says I only have a few days left to try Clone. Is there anyway I can keep it without buying it just yet ( I want to know that it works properly with my burner first). If I download it again after it has expired will I get another 21 days. I need your help, Sims is my childrens favourite game and they are tough on them. I need the backup. Thanks.:bigsmile:

what clone version are you using, I have just backed mine up without any problems.

I am using version that i downloaded from the internet. I have only a few days left before it expires and I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t work. (I’ve read about hiding cdr media and weak sectors and such but I can’t find anything like that in the settings for this version) Hope you can help. Thanks

Sorry but HP doesn’t work with CloneCD’s AWS function (and don’t even think about trying it without this option). CloneCD will make a perfect back-up with a drive that supports Correct EFM Encoding like Lite-On but your HP is a no-go unfortunately. On you can check for a list of supported hardware. Your game uses the SafeDisc 2.51.021 protection and therefore you need a writer with two sheep icons. You can also go for a writer with a one sheep icon but then you’ll need AWS to copy the game. Plextor writers are a good example of these type of writers.

The Sims SafeDisc 1.40.004 :slight_smile:

The Sims Livin’ Large SafeDisc 1.50.020 :slight_smile:

The Sims House Party SafeDisc 2.10.030 :frowning:

The Sims Hot Date SafeDisc 2.40.010 :frowning:

The Sims Vacation Safedisc 2.51.021 :a

Thanks for the reply. I am pleased to tell you I was able to copy Vacation but can only play it in the cd burner. I downloaded the “clonecd 4 profiles” in this forum and was able to use the AWS with that. If I use the copies disc in my cdrom it comes up with a fatal error. Do you know why this would happen. Im pleased I’ve got another disc to use as we have two computers but I’m still in trouble if anything happens to the original cd. Do you know why I can copy it yet only be able to play it in the burner. Thanks for your help so far. I did check out different sites in regard to burners compatible with clone and I found mine on a couple that said it was. I managed to copy hot date as well and can use it in my normal cd rom. what is different about vacation they seem to have the same protection.

In general you can say that the higher the SafeDisc 2 version number, the more difficult it is to copy. Some writers like the Lite-On models will have no problems with any version (without the need to use AWS). Some writers will fail with SafeDisc v2.51.021 (Plextor writers) unless you use AWS. And then you have a group that fails with every version to which your HP (check here) belongs to. Being able to make a copy that works in the recorder only is a ‘classic’ result. A lot of writers will perform the same but will fail to make a back-up that works in every drive. I’d say if you got a back-up that works in your recorder, you’re already lucky…

Well I agree. I am lucky. Thanks heaps for your help and what a great site this is. Will clone and my burner work for most other protections or do you think I will have trouble with most of them. I’m wondering if it is worth buying the software. I only have a few days left before the expiry on the download version.:confused:

Well HP is not the best writer when it comes to backing-up data protections. The most common protection currently is SafeDisc 2. With a Lite-On drive you can easily copy the protection and better, the drives are dirt cheap ($60 for a 24x model). Perhaps it’s worth buying a new writer? I don’t know if you’re into copying audio? Some titles are now also copy-protected and are not defeated with the Lite-On drives. For this you’re better off with a Plextor drive. On the CloneCD website you can find a list with supported hardware… Good luck!