Sims Unleashed

I started reading this forum a few days ago to figure out how to make a back-up copy of the SIMS Unleashed. However I followed the advice that was posted and every time I ran the cd I would get Please insert correct CD. BTW I’m using a Lite On 52246S. I changed the data type to safe disc 2, unchecked bypass EFM errors. and checked off Ignore media type. I also followed philamber’s guideguide Anythoughts?

iam an advid fan of blindwrite…i suggest getting that…

in blind read…use the alternative read method…then rip at 1-16x

then in blindwrite make sure only eject cd and live assit option is selected…then burn the game at whatever speed and use DAO PW…and your backup will work!!!

go ahead give blindwrite a shot
you will be amazed…that software is kick ass

also…play the game in a cdrom drive

not from a cdwriter

use alcohol 120 or blindwrite. clone Cd simply doesnt cut it with safedisc 2.8 or 2.9

that i was using alcohol 120% trial version, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Anyway I’ll try blindwriter when i get off work tonight at 12:30