Sims Unleashed help

I have no less than 7 copies of Unleashed…
I used Daemon tools…CloneCD and now Alcohol 120%
all copies install…
but when I try to play I get a pop~up error saying:

SIMS caused an invalid page fault in
module ~DF394B.TMP at 01b7:1004e8ed.
EAX=00007ffe CS=01b7 EIP=1004e8ed EFLGS=00010212
EBX=00000008 SS=01bf ESP=0097ee1c EBP=0097ee28
ECX=0074b000 DS=01bf ESI=00ae60b9 FS=2a5f
EDX=00000007 ES=01bf EDI=00001555 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0f b7 44 08 02 d1 e8 83 c0 07 99 f7 fb 03 f0 47
Stack dump:
00bccbe0 00c0f728 00d1d1a0 0097ee48 10010dc0 00008004
3f84adfc 00000000 00bccbe0 00d1cab0 00d1d1a0 0097eec8
00bac0a0 00400000 00000000 000442eb

What does this mean?
what am I doing wrong?
I tried to delete the file ~DF394B.TMP just to see what would happen…
but it won’t allow me to delete it.
I can mound an image and it does the same as the cd the same pop~up comes…

Keep in mind when you explain this to me…
I’m no pc pro…
Thanks all,

Hi,what burner/reader are you trying to do your back-up with?Your problem seems to be that your burner isn´t capable of burning disc´s with the special copy-protection on disc no 1(disc no 1 protected with SafeDisc 2.90.040, disc no 2 unprotected)/gs.

Originally posted by gene_simmons
Hi,what burner/reader are you trying to do your back-up with?

My burner is TEAC CD-W54E I guess…
so it says under properties…

I have the Sims…Vacation…Hot Date…House Party & Living Large
I copied them with CloneCd but they changed it so you can’t copy games.

I have unleashed now and a few older games like Quake III
I downloaded Daemon tools & CloneCD from Kazaa…
it made a image thingy and I played without the cd…

funny part…
the Daemon tools & CloneCd on Kazaa is a freakin VIRUS
after trying to remove it…
I notice I had over 100 infected files…
I just used the recover CD and lost everything

I went to Daemon tools site and downloaded it again
then downloaded clonecd and tried to make it again…
the game won’t play…just installs

I then tried Alcohol 120 and it made a image that won’t play either
I also have BlindWrite Suite which I have no clue on how it works.

I’ve used the setting safedisk1 & safedisk2 and still won’t play
So now i’m asking what went wrong…
why did the virus version work but the real ones don’t
Thanks Again,

Since your burner seems to be supported by Alcohol 120%
Teac -> CD-W54E
Manufacturer : Teac
Model : CD-W54E
Support Writing Method: [DAO/SAO] [RAW SAO] [RAW SAO+SUB] [RAW DAO + 96]
BURN-Free supported:
Best Writing Speed:
Support Media: [CD-R] [CD-RW]
I suggest that you use Alcoholer to obtain the right settings for your backing-up.Instead of starting the new coaster plant ,why not use a CD-RW disc til you´ve got a working back-up and then use the same settings and burn yourself a working CD-R back-up./gs.

Thank You Dr.Love<~(the song pops up in my head when I see your name)

I will try Alcoholer and see if I can get the settings right.
Thanks again,

You´re welcome,let us know.I´ll be around (Dr.Love,hmmm:cool: )/gs.

you dont REALLY need a 1:1 copy of superstars, i mean it doesnt do online play or nuffin.

[Illegal suggestion deleted. This is a warez free forum. … philamber ]