Sims Unleashed copy SUCCESS! (with LG GCE-8400B)

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the wonderful people in this forum who share their experiences and provide many great tips! Special thanks goes to philamber and gregski24…your tips really help me out!

Game: Sims Unleashed (Disc 1)
Protection: Safedisc v2.80.010
CD-Writer: LG 40x12x40 (GCE-8400B)

Software: DDump 1.1 and DDump Frontend 1.3
-Place your Sims Unleased Disc 1 into your CD-RW drive
-Open DDump Frontend and click on your CD-RW drive in the list
-Select the “Standard Mode” method. No need to go into Advanced settings!
-Select “Start Disc Dump” and give your image file a name.

Software: Nero
CD-Media used: Princo 40x CD-R
-Open Nero, then select File->Burn Image…
-Select your image’s .CUE file, then click Open
-If the next screen is the Nero Wizard (check its title), click on “Close Wizard” and repeat the above steps. If not, continue…
-Change the Write Method to “Disc-At-Once/96”. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you forgot to select this, the CD will not work!
-Set the write speed to the maximum (I used 40x)
-Click on “Write”
-Wait for the burn process to complete and you got yourself a PERFECT working backup of Sims Unleashed!

One other reason why my backup works is because when I play, I placed the CD in my CD-ROM drive. It will not run off your CD-RW drive unless you use CloneCD’s “Hide CD-R Media” feature. If you got a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, use them :slight_smile: