Sims Unleashed Copied

Philamber YOU are the man…Philamber is my new close personal friend!

Philamber by following your directions, using DiscDump and it’s FrontEnd I read Sims Unleashed with the LiteOn Writer (setting a max speed of 8x read) also selecting the SafeDisc option in the frontend and burned it at 8x aswell using Nero I clicked on the File menu, then selecting Burn Image and selecting the Cue Sheet generated by Disc Dump, then selecting DAO/96.

So where 2 Pay Programs failed, a FREE program succeeded. VERY impressive I must say…I hope Disc Dump gets revised if and when it needs to.

Also BlindWrite didn’t create totally create a coaster, it just didn’t create a correct backup just like CloneCD, the files are there and the backup will install…it just won’t RUN off the backup, which is what should happen.

Thanks again Philamber.

PS I think THIS is the post that needs to be sticky…

where is discdump’s official website!!!

hey did it take alongtime to copy the disk
Cyn have you tried this with Unreal

Update Sims copied great working on unreal now

on how many cdrom/cdwriters does it work on…and did you use DiscDumP??? and where can i find the latest version

i know my dvd rom didnt work with it its a liteon163 my liteon burner did 241040b

Unfortunately guys, discdump probably will never be updated, or for that matter, completed. Its author, XiT, regrettably ceased work on the program and vanished into the ether (so far as an on-line presence is concerned) about a year ago.

The final version released was 1.10 which you can obtain from the frontend site (if it’s still up) linked in the safedisc 2 sticky on the burning software forum or at the daemon tools website. There is also a slightly modified but fully functional version incorporated into the latest version of burnatonce (0.91 beta).

Whilst there are some bugs in the final released version and it’s securom dumping mode is useless because there is no program capable of burning the image (well, just possibly discjuggler could but I’ve never tried that proggy), in my opinion, there simply isn’t any program that will produce a more accurate image of a cd with damaged sectors (safedisc, laserlock or just scratched) than this little gem.

(Actually, occasionally when used in safedisc mode, its fast sector skip function kicks in and it will then dump a safedisc protected cd in 3 to 4 mins. However, this happens only rarely; about 1 time in 20 in my experience.)

@ wakemonkeypimp
It works with pretty well any reading device that uses standard MMC commands. Virtually any ide rom is ok. However, unreliable with scsi devices.

what i meant is out of how many cd/cdwriters/dvd drives tested with the game unleashed by-passes the splash screen…i burnt the game with clone and blindwrite but it will not play on the 8x or 24x plex of course…i installed it on my 56x cdrom ----passes…on my 24x cdrom does not start-----fails…was wondering about the compatibility if the burnt game plays on all cdrom drives…would like to test out the program with my 24x plex and going to use fireburner to burn the image and if it runs off of my 24x cdrom then i just might have found a new burn prog!!!

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So long as you’re running the back-up from a rom that can’t read the atip so you don’t need hide cd media (or an equivalent) the back-up copy should work.

i tried it on UnReal but the cue is in an unexcepted file format for nero. and cdrwin was crap for me.
TRACK 01 MODE1/2368
INDEX 01 00:00:00

what drives have you tested the copy of unleashed on…and does it work on a cdwriter with “hide cdr media” checked

i tried it on my lity dvd and my wife crap drive i don tread from my cdr to much trouble:)

Originally posted by BigTy
i tried it on UnReal but the cue is in an unexcepted file format for nero. and cdrwin was crap for me.
TRACK 01 MODE1/2368
INDEX 01 00:00:00

I said above in this thread that discdump was useless for securom because there isn’t any program (except possibly discjuggler which I’ve never tried) that can burn the image produced. :rolleyes:

so did the game start up from the dvd drive and cdrom and cd writer???

iam stuck here at work and i wont be able to try this prog out til tomorrow!!!

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It won’t work from a writer without hide cd media (or a similar utility) because of the atip check and if hide cd media has been blacklisted (as a number of people have indicated) then it won’t work from the writer at all. (Unless you have a similar utility that hasn’t been blacklisted running.)

you have successfully copied the game???

what were the units tested on???

could you take the game to a friends computer and knowing in your mind that it will work flawlessly…that is my main dilemmea…making sure the game works on every cdrom…cause it will run from my 56x cdrom but not my 24x cdrom that i got over 5 years ago

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
you have successfully copied the game???

C’mon, it hasn’t even been released in oz yet. :rolleyes:

What’s more, unless a m8 (with no taste :wink: ) asks me to copy it for him/her, I never will. I’m certainly not going to buy a Sims game :Z and I wouldn’t even waste a small amount of my hard-earned renting one.

Still, as they say, it takes all types and to each his own. After all, a lot of people seem to like these games (though for no reason that I can comprehend). :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

in your post about fireburner…why use dao/16 than dao/96??

i like and prefer using fireburner than anyother bin/cue program that is out there. when DC game images were popular that is what i used; however, why would dao/16 be recommended than dao/96???

Dao16 is sufficient for safedisc and, in my experience, fireburner isn’t wholly reliable in dao96 mode.

Help me out guys. What did I do wrong? I used Disc Dump frontend version 1.3 with safedisc settings to make an ISO image with my Liteon Dvd LTD 163d firmware GHR3. Under advanced settings I checked Read at 8x, and “no detect”. I burned the image with my Liteon 24102B firmware version 5S54 using Nero Version I clicked “File”, “Burn Image”, and pointed to the cue sheet. Write speed is 8x, Disc at once/96, smart burn checked. I used an Acer disc, CD-R80 700 Mb, 16x multispeed. Made a shiny coaster. Game loads the splash screen for a second and then it disappears. Game doesn’t load. What gives?

Doesn’t sound like you did a whole lot wrong to me. However, just to be sure, I take it that you did install the game and try to run the back-up from your dvd and not your cdrw? :wink:

However, assuming that you weren’t trying to run the back-up from your writer, try again using discdump in standard mode and don’t bother with the advanced settings at all. (Note: since your first attempt failed, do not use your existing log file but do a fresh dump entirely.)

Standard mode is slower and significantly so (but more reliable). Forget about “no detect” and just read at max. The reading speed chosen won’t make any difference at all to the speed at which it gets through the bad sector area of the cd (since it’s reading at considerably less than 1x in that area anyway) and just slows down the reading process for the undamaged area.

Also, since you’re using an Ltr-24102b, burn at 24x if possible as that’s the speed it works best at (even with c**p media, though, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to use high quality media rated for at least 24x) for anything other than audio and, possibly, burning images where sub-codes are involved. (I personally never burn images of safedisc protected cds to a cdr at any other speed with mine.)