Sims Unleashed copied with CloneCD

I don’t know about anyone else, but I succesfully copied the sims unleashed quite easily… all i had to do was use the default ‘game’ profile on the newest version of clonecd and it worked just fine
i have a toshiba 16x DVD-ROM for a reader and a Lite-On 32x as my writer
the copy of both discs (yes i know only one has the protection on it) work - i did a fresh install with the copied discs and then was actually playing the game for a while - i noticed no problems with it (this is running through my toshiba too, not my burner)
my copies of that game were a complete success, yet i have not tried any other safedisc 2.8x games - if anyone else has this same setup and copies the other games (NFS HP2 for example) let me know

Good to hear! Like some Plextors that were not defeated by SD2.51.021 it looks like you have one of the few Lite-Ons that can defeat v2.8.010. Post your other results here too. What media do you use btw?

I too made a succesful copy of sims unleashed using the lastest clony XXL and Clone CD. I just used the setting that CLony gave me and it works just fine. The only thing is that if u wanna use just the image to play the game, i suggest using Deamon to do the job.

I was using 24x TDK CD-R’s… Writing at 32x though of course :wink: