Sims Unleashed Backup Problems

I’ve used both my DVDROM and CDRW to create an image of the disk with CloneCD, but when I try to run it the splash screen comes up and disappears. Both images were the same, I did an MD5 and SFV Checksum of both .img files and they were the same. I read the image at 8x and burned at 8x, I’ve used the search function to find a solution but the only one I have seen is someone used Blindwrite instead of clonecd. If this is the case what options are needed in Blindwrite to read and to write SafeDisc 2. My specs are in my sig. If someone has been successful with Unleashed with CloneCd and a LiteOn please let me know.

yea i created a working back up of unleashed with the latest blindwrite with my plex 24x

when you are reading make sure to have “alternative read method” and “read subchannel data” turned off/unchecked

then read at MAX with “nibble” selected
adapt speed checked

when writing-----------use MAX DAO PW

enhance weak sectors off and eject cd when complete

@ wakemonkeypimp

Hmmm, very odd, I basically used them exact settings with my Plex 24/10/40A and BRW, except, I read/burned at x4 and it still gave me a nice shiny coaster.

Tell me something, was your Plex able to do prior SD2 (i.e. v2.51.xx, v2.60.xx, v2.70.xx) titles without problems?

Just curious, what media did you use? and which firmware do you have?

i have firmware 1.04…the latest…for the plex…i copied mafia which i believe is 2.7…battlefield 1942 which is 2.6…and then this one which is 2.8…what type of cdrom are you installing from???

madden 2003 is 2.7 also…i am using philips 40x media…and are you using the patin coufin driver ( which i am using ) or aspi layer???

i do suggest try using the patin-coufin driver if you are not

i am also using the latest blindwrite…4.0.6

unleashed comes with two cds…first disc with SD2 and second disc without a protection hopefully you are using the first disc to play from correct?

Yep, I’m using BRW v4.0.6.56 and the v1.04 Plex firmware too.

I’ve done Mafia, Madden 2003 and Battlefield 1942 also, didn’t have a problem at all.

I used the same media used for the prior titles that burned fine, Maxell x12, x16 and x24.

I used the ASPI and the Patin Coufin, it didn’t make a difference, actually, the Patin Coufin tends to lock up at times on my system.

Vanilla readers, I got a bunch, Sony 48x and 50x, Digital Research 52x, Teac 32x, IoMagic 40x and a few others.

Oh well, hmmmm very odd indeed …

Thanks for your prompt and informative reply man, it’s appreciated.

what happens if you use the multiple gaps when reading and have you tried burning with DAO PQ or any other methods???

try burning and reading at max

hey all,

i’ve tried making a backup of Sims: Unleashed with clonecd and blindwrite, but no success. my writer is an LG GCE-8400B. I’ve made successful copies of madden 2003, battlefield 1942, and Sims: Deluxe edition using clonecd version 4.

i tried blindwrite when i read wakemonkeypimp’s post. no success so far using his settings. maybe because my writer can’t deal with this particular safedisc version?

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@ wakemonkeypimp

I haven’t tried the multiple gaps setting, because frankly, I didn’t see how that setting would make a difference for the better and your settings specs did not indicate you had used it either.

As for the rest of the settings, I already tried the full spectrum, from best to worse, from max speed to slow speed, they all failed. I thought, I had an eccentric burner, but I believe yours beats it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I knew it was just a matter of time before the current generation of burners would outlive its usefullness for this type of thing.

BTW, yeah I’m trying with Disc # 1, heh :bigsmile:

Take care bud and thanks again for your replies.

@ photonics

As you can see, you’re not alone, stick around if this thing has a solution you’ll quite probably find it here at cdfreaks.

Originally posted by wakemonkeypimp
[B]what happens if you use the multiple gaps when reading and have you tried burning with DAO PQ or any other methods???

try burning and reading at max [/B]
“multiple gaps” = LaserLock :slight_smile:

Well I just hope our good personal friend Olli brings a solution so the 2 sheep burners can cope with the new 2.8 safedisc…since it seems blindwrite can…Unfortunately for me the blindwrite locked up on me on the burn process…:frowning:

If you’re not having any luck with clonecd in backing up the latest safedisc 2 protected games, see here for alternative methods of making a working back-up.

Well I tried making a backup of Sims Unleashed, remember this is Sims Unleashed not Sinistar Unleashed with BlindRead and was unsuccessful…I picked nibble and read subcodes. For BlindWrite I picked DAO Pq. I picked read subcodes b/c if not in BlindWrite it took 2 hours and it was only 75% done on the Track Bar! Seems it has to generate the Subcodes. Has anyone backuped Sims Unleashed with a LiteOn and this or some other software? I’ll put the BlindWrite event log so you see what I got on the error…I’ve posted this on the Burning Forum but no replies :frowning:
Someone earlier says they burned it with BlindWrite but with a Plex 24. Like I stated earlier I failed with CloneCD and the no AWS profile…Also I read CD slowly 4x so as to not generate read errors and I created checksums for the .img files and they both were the same. Also the LiteOn was used as the reader and writer.

And also Safedisc analyzer 3.4 reports SafeDisc v2.80.010

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
Patin-couffin version 5 in use
Blindwrite Version
CAUTION : Using local data for CD writer.
Cd Unit report started at 09/30/2002 4:26:55 AM

VendorID : "LITE-ON "
UnitId : "LTR-40125S "
FwID : “ZS0N”
FwDate : “”
Drivers : 00000000/00000000/0000000000000017
Speeds : 48/40/12/12
Bsize : 2048
Flags : 00010

end of CD Unit report
Unit 2:1:0 - LITE-ON LTR-40125S ZS0N [E]
Writing mode : DAO PW
No subcodes in file. they’ll be generated
Sectors read : 30122
Sectors built: 150
CD is incomplete

Im sorry it didnt work but thats just something i ran across i was hoping it would get us on the right path. and i know that name of the game. i just copied and pasted the instuctions

@ Cyn
Something is wrong with your system. Blindwrite takes no longer to write a cd than any other burning program. It can’t be only 75% done after 2 hours. Your writer’s slowest speed is 4x after all (i.e. about 20 min for an 80 min cd).

in blindwrite do not check “alternative read method” or “sub channel data”

read at max and nibble…and burn at dao pw if possible and see what happens will post pics on how i did it with my 24x plex

also run the image verification and then post that too!!! to find out about the

sector headers
weak sectors…would like to see that…for unleashed it should have 578 or 598 if iam not mistaken

i have also found out that when i try to use “hide cd-r media” to play BF 1942 on my plex 24x it doesn’t start…either splash screen fades out or i get the df674.tmp error…seems to me that even the earlier version…2.60.052 blacklists the clone function; like wise to 2.80.010

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

has anyone looked in the sims directory…i have over 15 .tmp files that refers back to the safedisc 2 copy protection


I found the problem…like the log said…

Writing mode : DAO PW
No subcodes in file. they’ll be generated

I created another image with the subcode option checked and that one burned fine at the correct speed and all, like a normal burning program…but I got a coaster aswell :frowning:
My problem in it taking long was that Blindwrite was generating the subcodes…if they are read off the CD then there’s no need to generate them and that skips that step…