Sims Unleased

i was woundering does anyone know what protection is on this game i scanned it and it said sd2 but when i ran it on my liteon 163 dvd rom and burned it i got a coaster also the same problem with my liteon 241040 burner. can someoen help with this problem

From what other users have said, it contains Safedisc 2.8. What is the exact model of your CD Writer? Liteon LTR-24102B? With that writer, you should be able to read the image and burn it perfectly fine. Maybe you should read slowly and write slowly, and make sure AWS is disabled. Same with “Don’t Repair Subchannel Data” and “Always Close Last Session.” (Always Close Last Session is actually somewhat arguable, but does not work for me) Burn it slowly. If you are playing from your CD Burner, be sure to enable “Hide CDR Media” to bypass the ATIP Check. You know the rest.