Sims Superstar sd 2.9 Working Backup

just a little problem iam having with sim superstar(safedisc 2.9)

i made a backup copy of this game i own with Alcohol 120 v1.4.3.519 on my kickass ASUS 48x16x48(4816a):smiley: to play on my other machine with an ACER 10x8x32 it installed great and after i uninstall played fine then today when i try and start the game it wont run it will run with the orginal but not with the backup. i have read other forums on sd 2.9 but still cant find out about this problem im having.

any ideas y this would happen and how i can fix this problem any suggestions would b great :smiley: is the version label on a warez release. the official version is

oops sorry dude: i meant .518 not .519 any ideas y im getting this error when trying to play with the backup?