Sims Superstar Safedisc 2.9

just bought sims superstar for my wife and daughter. clony says it is safedisc 2.9 on the play disc. used alcohol (latest version ) to make a copy of the play disc using the safedisc 2 profile in alcohol the game seemed to copy fine. but if you try to play it using the back up copy once you click play you get a notice that says that the game has encountered a problem and will now close.( the game plays fine with the original disc though) I have never had a problem backing up games that were safedisc 2.8 but this is the first safedisc 2.9 game I have tried backing up.

any idea’s?

Reader- toshiba 1612
Burner Lite On 48246S

With each new revision of SD 2.9 comes a new blacklist to counter programs like Alcohol etc. I had the same problem when I updated Harbinger. The exe looked on the system to see if Alcohol or Clone were installed and when it found them, Harbinger refused to load. Although, after looking at your post, you might have a program incompatibilty problem. When Harbinger refused to load it just kept telling me to put in the “play” disc. What you are encountering sounds more like a windows system error.

if it was just a windows system error wouldnt that also keep the original retail disc from playing as well? the error is in the “sims exe.” the original retail disc plays just fine. I have tried three times no to backup the disc with alcohol and none of the copies worked all do the same thing.

ok here is the weird part. the copy of the game wont run in my kids machine from the DVD rom (toshiba 1502) but it does work from the lite on 32X burner. the same back up copy works fine in my wifes machine from the DVD rom ( toshiba 1612)

Is it version: 2.90.040 or is it a new version?

ok here is the weird part. the copy of the game wont run in my kids machine from the DVD rom (toshiba 1502)

Most Toshiba drives are crap readers. You must run the game from the installation drive. If you want to run the game from the DVD drive you must install it first from the DVD drive.

I don’t think that Toshiba drives are bad readers, it may be that the copy isn’t perfect so in the Toshiba sdm 1502 it refuses to run… it’s also true that securom protected games (4.8x) after patching with twinpeak aren’t installed with the toshiba but it may be that they are too good readers (IMHO)


here is my suggestion…try reading/writing from your liteon…and see what happens…all at 8x…just for a hoot…

if that doesnt work then try a little of Alcohol’s emulation???

trial and error


Clony just says safedisc 2.9 but yates shows safedisc 2.90.40

Vio man,

The game was installed from the DVD rom drive. and from the original retail discs.


thanks for the suggestion I was considering just that. the burns I did before were at max and were an average of 29X according to what alcohol showed.

maybe its some glitch with the kids machine because the results are the opposite of what you would normally expect. it wont play from the DVD drive but it will play from the CD RW.

Originally posted by iss

Clony just says safedisc 2.9 but yates shows safedisc 2.90.40


All right. So it’s the common used version.

Open Alcohol 120 and go to general>options>reading and set the starting advanced sector scanner after to 2 and default A.S.S jumper to 150. When you read the image, read from your dvd\cd-rom and select skip read errors, fast skip error blocks and advanced sector scanning. Burn the image RAO DAO. I backed this game with a Litey LTD 165H (as reader) and Polaroid BurnMAX48x with the settings I posted and my backups play in both drives flawlessly. :smiley:

Shoey :cool:

Nice to know it worked for you Shoey but ASS isn’t necessary for sd 2.9.

The errors in sd 2.9 aren’t consecutive so ASS would never have activated during the dumping process.

Hi Shoebedobedoo ,just a thought:have you done any working back-up without ASS activated?/gs.

Can someone please tell me what the HELL I am doing wrong. :a

I have a LG GCE-8160B and I have tried backing up Superstar with Alcohol 120% every which way I have read on this site and the Alcohol site but I am not able to get a 1:1 running copy.

Is there a technique to backing this game up with my drive or am I just going nuts ???

Probably neither. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that not all writers recognised as 2 sheep efm burners can successfully copy sd 2.9 protected cds.

The great old favourite Lite-on Ltr-24102B does not appear able to do so (certainly it cannot do so with 5s5a firmware) and, in fact, I’ve yet to see a post of a successful copy of a sd 2.9 protected cd with a Lite-on < 40x.

It may simply be that your writer can’t handle this new safedisc version.

Hi Shoebedobedoo ,just a thought:have you done any working back-up without ASS activated?/gs.

The answer is yes m8. I backed up The Sims Superstar with an LG GCE 0824b(1 sheep burner) using Alcohol 120 I read the image with my LG (datatype Safedisc 2 profile) and burned RAO DAO at max and my backup plays in my burner like a charm.

Shoey :slight_smile:

2 Shoebedobedoo:keul!and my congrats./gs.

Help! Please! I am using alcohol 1.4.3 ( Build 518 ) with LITE-ON LTR-48246S & OPTORITE DVD RW DD0203 and have been unsuccessful in getting a working copy when trying to burn and read with either unit. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me, I am new to using alcohol. I keep getting alot of errors like this
22:21:40 Disc read error at: 809
22:21:44 Disc read error at: 820
22:21:47 Disc read error at: 836
22:21:51 Disc read error at: 848
22:21:53 Disc read error at: 863
22:21:56 Disc read error at: 875
22:22:00 Disc read error at: 910
22:22:03 Disc read error at: 921
22:22:07 Disc read error at: 944
22:22:08 Disc read error at: 949
22:22:12 Disc read error at: 960
are these normal or what? Please help!

Yes, read errors between ~sector 800 and ~sector 10,500 are normal with safedisc protected cds. It’s the major part of the protection.

To copy this game with your rig, read and write with your Litey either using the safedisc 2 datatype settings but with Bypass efm error unchecked or just use the safedisc 1 settings.

Note: if playing the back-up copy from a writer rather than an ordinary cd/dvd rom, Ignore media type must be enabled.


Have you made sure that Bypass EFM Error is Disabled?