Sims Installation Problems

Hi All.

I’m having problms installing the Sims: Unleashed and also The Sims: Superstar.

I’e got the origional The Sims installed and that works fine.

I try and install the 2 addons but they both say thet are not the origional but they are.

I know that Unleashed is Safedisk 2.80 and Superstars is 2.90.

I’ve tired it on another PC (K6/2 500, Teac CD-ROM 153E - or something like that). - This also fails.

My machine :- 2500 AMD + Lite-on 52246S and a Lite-on DVD 165H.

Any probles with these.

Thanks, neo out

If installation fails with the originals, then its a whole different story.

I seen sims games, and they don’t look very graphics intensive like FPS, but I would recommend the same path as if this was a FPS game.

What O/S are you running?
Update all drivers. …Especially if your motherboard is using VIA chipset.
Update to the latest graphics driver… What card do you have currently? Latest nforce drivers are problematic in some cases and so are the IDE drivers supplied. If ATI, garbe their latets drivers off the website.
Consider seeing what Windows updates are available too.

Do you possible have any Virtual Drives installed (ie: Dameon Tools or CCD Virtual Drive), some of these older VD are blaklisted, even originals won’t play if they are detected.

I’m running an Abit NF7 v2.0 all updated Win XP and all ATI drivers and stuff updated. I had an old copy of Alcohol and Deamon tolls but i even uninstalled tham and it STILL doesn’t work. May just re-install XP tomorrow and try again (Needs doing anyways).

thanks, neo out

BTW - is the 2nd CD on Unleashed copy protected as cd2 of superstar isn’t?

Why don’t you scan the CD yourself with ClonyXXL or another protection scanner.

One CD 1 is protected on both of the games.

There si a known issue with XP and SafeDisc.
Have you installed the Microsoft XP SafeDisc Patch. You can find it here.

Quote For The Website (Above Linked Page)
When running a restricted user account with fast user switching under Windows XP, some games will not start correctly. The game requests that the original disk be placed in the drive, even if it is already present. To remedy this issue, download and run this fix.

This software will not alter or patch any component on your system, it will only change the startup state of the system component needed to start your game from start on demand (on game load), to start at boot (on Windows XP start).