Sim's house party with clonecd



Hi guys i need your help again. I like to burn house party and wanted to know if betablocker 1.0 would make a working copy of the sim's house party. Or would i need daemon toolz and could someone tell me if your burning the sims house party how could you copy that game if your using deamon toolz.

I have a iomega 8x4x32 and when i looked at the clonecd compabilty they said my burner could burn correct EFM encoding would that work to burn the house party expansion.

Thankyou guys of helping me your the best!


I don’t know the exact SafeDisc 2 version this game uses but if your writer supports ‘correct EFM encoding’ you can probably copy this game just fine with CloneCD v4.0.0.1 and the Game Profile. Enable the ‘hide CDR media’ option in the CloneCD tray when playing the back-up from a writer. Check the links in my signature for some good reading. Follow the advice in these links and most of your questions will be answered.


actually it burns almost all the correct efm encoding. so would that work or not.


Originally posted by haroon125
actually it burns almost all the correct efm encoding. so would that work or not.

Test it with a CD-RW disk. You won’t know unless you try.

If that doesn’t work, then use Daemon Tools which works with all Safedisk 2 games. Instructions on how to use Daemon Tools are on their website.


If your writer fully support EFM encoding (two sheeps in the CloneCD supported hardware lists) then make sure ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ is disabled for your writer! You only need to disable it for the writer itself and not for the profile. First make an image with the first CloneCD button. Now after that press the second CloneCD button. You’ll get a screen where you can choose your writer. Right click on it and choose ‘Settings…’. Now check if AWS is disabled (I think it says ‘allow aws for this drive’ so uncheck that). Now write the created image with the default Game profile. This should work fine. When playing from your writer make sure the ‘Hide CDR Media’ option is enabled in the CloneCD tray.