Sims hotdate

i read and read forums and tryed all advice faithfully…yet i’m produding coasters for back ups here for sims hotdate. i have a new hp pavillion a250n…first problem i can’t pin down the model numbers of the hp dvd writer/cd-writer combo and atapi cdrom 48x…searched the net and the hp site…no model numbers so i’m not sure if my devices are up to snuff with safedisc 2 i’m using Alcohol 120% , Daemon Tools 3.32 and ran the back up in the same reader as the installation of the game. any help at this point would be greatly appreciated, thanx merlin324

Does the game run if you use safedisc emulation in daemon tools?

well i had the DT running the safedisc emultion the last time i tryed and had the settings for safedisc 2 on in alcohol as well…but i was recording that on the fly…so now i’m trying just save the image and then burn using a 4x speed and all with the safedisc options of course…

would it help if i showed you the log file…i produced another coaster with my latest atempt…

Sure. COuld you try mounting the image you made to the virtual drive, then install/play from there. THis should at least confirm whether or not your image is working.

lol…yes…i just did that and it installed and play from virtual drive…am i correct in thinking it has to burn on a dvd writer…because i was going to try to write it to my cd rom drive and it wouldn’t let me.

Try burning with safedisc datatype, not safedisc2. No you shouldn’t need a dvd burner.