Sims 2

Ive read everysingle Thread on SIMS 2 and I still cant get my backup copy to work. I bought the sims 2 DVD and tried to make a copy. It came out fine but every time I try and play it, it sais please insert correct CD. First I used the DVD version, Second Why would it ask that if it is in there!!!

My OS is WinXP. My DVD reader is brandnew. Now I have tried copying it with Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 . What is going on. PLZ tell me how to get my backup copy to work

I dont actually think it is possable to copy the sims 2 dvd at the moment… you will have to wait until new software comes out

The Sims 2 DVD is safedisc copy protected and it isn’t possible to make a working physical copy owing to the inability of any publicly available dvd burner to write dvds in raw mode.

The best you can do is to make an image that you can mount on a virtual drive.