Sims 2 with update patch

Ever since I added the update to Sims 2, it detects emulation software if CloneCD is installed. I have tried all sorts of combinations including not loading the tray icon until after boot, but Sims 2 still will not run until I uninstall CloneCd. It is not the ideal situation to have to uninstall CloneCD everytime I want to play Sims 2. Can anyone help please?

As you applied the update for Sims 2, SafeDisc protection was probably updated too. So now CloneCD is blacklisted the only way would be playing without the update (reinstall Sims 2) or uninstall CloneCD.

Thanks for that, I can get away with that for now, but if there is anyone from Slysoft reading this, are you trying to get a workaround?

I have the latest clonecd installed, with the sims2 patch, and the latest nero. It plays fine with the daemon tools mini-image without the dvd in the drive. US Version, btw.

hey can someone help me pliz!!! :bow: … i’m really bad installing thing so i hav a problem installing the sims2. it’s a copy, and someone gave me some instruccions but ones step says that i hav to uninstall the cloneCD, but i hav no idea how to :eek: !!! i dont know what it is and in which part on myPC find it. Hope some can help on that.
another step says that i hav to to mount a virtual unit with the deamon tool… :confused: and i’m kind of lost, so can someone help me on that one too…???
thanxs!!! :slight_smile:

^ Install the game from your original disc.

I was having this same issue. I uninstalled CloneCD, but now my Sims2 .exe encounters a problem with the Microsoft “send error report” pop-up.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I made an image file from the Sims2_cd1 that was given to me. I then mounted the .ccd onto the virtual drive, got the “emulation error”, uninstalled, now I’m lost.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m new at this.


Same problem I have… I had an emulated version of the game that has worked for me for a year on my laptop. I installed it on this desktop and it also worked fine, then I tried downloading University and there was some problem after the install of that… (Can’t even remember what it was now.) so I uninstalled everything and tried to reinstall just the Sims2…

However, installation goes fine… I’m using Daemon tools… my version of Sims2 was not patched or anything, but now when I try to load the game, I get the windows popup that it encountered an error and has to close.

Also of slight interest is the fact that when I install, on the screen after the serial code query where it asks where you would like the game installed to, the splash screen on the left hand side is still displaying the Sims2 University logo… Which makes no sense as I uninstalled EVERYTHING… including registry keys, and every file on my computer that game created…

So now I’m wondering if my ISO’s are messed up? Or if it’s an emulation error due to University updating the Sims2 after I finished that install? But that shouldn’t change my ISO’s that have worked for me for a whole year… with multiple installations…

First step is just getting the Sims2 to run again… then trying to reinstall my patches… but I have no idea why it won’t run… Any help? ^^

Side note: On my computer I have the following programs also… Nero and Daemon tools, on my laptop I used to use Alcohol 120% and that worked fine… Is it a problem with the game sensing the emulator?

EDIT: FIXED! Used SafeDischider to hide the emulation and the game booted fine. :o Will now try to run the Expansion packs…