Sims 2 question regarding sharing game

ok here’s the question,

have a copy of the dvd version of sims 2. I have currently 2 pc’s at home.

1 mine and 1 my g/f’s old man’s

Mine doesnt have a dvd rom but his does.

The specs of my machine are alot better, and would run sims with higher res as well.What i want to do is be able to run sims2 from my machine that doesnt have the dvd rom.

I tried copying over the install dir from his computer to mine over the network which i knew would ask for the dvd to be in a non existant drive so I used a no cd .exe (i know i know :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it didnt work.

Doesnt anyone know how i could work around this…

Thanks in advance

not a legal one.
One orginal allows you to install it on 1 PC at a time.

So if you want to play it from 2 PC’s, you’ll need 2 original versions.

and the use of a no CD patch is highly illegal and not allowed on this forum.

I would suggest buying a DVD-ROM and installing it in your computer. No complicated copying, or cracking required. :bigsmile:

i dont think (other than using a nocd) he did or wants to do anything illegal, he just wants to play on a computer that doesnt have a dvd drive, so i would suggest he makes a alcohol image, copies that across the network along with deamon tools 3.46/3.47 and then mounts it and installs/plays from there, just remember that it cant be installed on both computers at the same time as that would be illegal.

  • ben :slight_smile:

Isn’t Sims 2 protected with Securom 5.3?

It is protected by Safedisc 3.20

Isn’t Sims 2 protected with Securom 5.3?
I wish, my Plexy Prem would show em how!!