Sims 2 Problems

I installed Sims 2 on my machine, but my brother wants it. Its all packed away cuz we are moving so I cant just install it, plus when he just wants a game thats on my machine I normally just copy it and then run a reg key. Works with every game other then sims 2. I got the sims 2 folder from my comp and transfered it fine, got the sims 2 folder from my docs and transfered fine, and got the reg key and transfered fine. Ran the reg key, then ran sims 2. It runs but gives me a problem about a file being missing or corrupt files. It plays fine on my comp, but it gives him that problem. Anyone know what I am missing? I did find a prefatch file but I didnt think that was it because he also had it before I transfered it.

Any help would be appreciated.

i thought that sims 2 required the cd/dvd in the drive

It doesnt if u get the no cd crack you dont… which I got so I could play while we are moving our junk… which is gonna take a month… sux so bad.

no warez talk here…DarkLegacy

Then your brother can buy his own copy. :wink: