Sims 2 (new Burner!?) Help


I have a Nec DVD ND-1300A,Plex Prem CD-RW 523252 and a Teac DVD-Rom DV512

Alcohol 120% (newest),Blindwrite (4.5.7? i think) i could switch to 5 too
but i dont think it would change somethings… since
nec can only make securom 4.7 backups and plex well hmm doesnt work that great with SD
thats why i would like to know what Burner i should buy?
i hear many LG Burners can do correct EFM… Toshis are great for reading? and so on…

my questions are for reading? is one of the above ok? or will i need somethings else?
for writing i would like to know the best (price doesnt matter) and medium(price) burner that can do correct efm (i am not sure if there is really a 100%correct efm burner out if yes wich?) no SCSI please ATAPI!

ohh btw :slight_smile: i talk about SD 3.2 (i want to make a backup of Sims2 as i saw some “no emulation! (not even hide cdr)” success)

Money doesnt really matter i just want to beat this crappy copyprotection!

ohh btw i can make backups using plex but i have to enable hide cdr media/autoplay/hide atip or whatever it is called in the diff. softwares (then its loading i think even faster then original)

i think its working in the teac dvd-rom without hiding but its really slow (loading)

Greets xSMOKEx

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Try using the teac dvd-rom for reading…and i would suggest a good option for burning would be an Asus 52x cd-burner.

Does your backup work in the plex with just alcohol’s “ignore media type” enabled? If so, then you have a good backup since hide media must be enabled for a backup to work in any burner. But a “good” backup will work in a DVD-Rom without this option enabled.

ps. yeh it is in the wrong part of the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah atip aight? :slight_smile:
whitout any emulation its working in teac (but kinda slow 45-48secs total time until ur in game)
with only enable “Ignore Media Type” everything else is disabled in emulation/extra emulation works in both plex and nec burner
did make that image using plex prem and writing too with plex prem sd 2/3profile and 4x read/write
but my problem is hmm?
if i test it at the comp of my brother (benq dvd rom (dunno which version) it doesnt work it fails saying wrong disc or just hangs after splash and so on…
thats why i guess? the plex cant make correct efm? well plex succed with sd2old.dat and sd251.dat but tested only with teac too as i dont have 10000 dvd/cd rom drives to test :frowning:
thats why i ask does plex prem make 100% efm? or do i have to buy one?
(i know benq is a bunch of crap but shouldnt it just play like the teac? or is it about efm?)

btw did make a mistake its the Teac DV-516E dvd-rom