Sims 2 Inquiry

Is there a known work around for the game with use of CloneCD to get rid of that annoying “This software has detected emulation software” message.

CloneCD Tray is not even on and I am not looking to spend money for something on my sisters PC, so I am not buying new version of CCD.

I can’t wait to see how many software combo’s I can use to rip this bad boy up.

I temporarily uninstalled CCD atm, but she isn’t too PC saavy and CCD is easiest for her to use to make simple copies, like music and such.

Would CCD Tray from new CCD alleviate the matter, if I try it in trial but keep the Tray files just to run the new tray? It’s my only thought atm to avoid the blacklist.


I’m looking for a legal way to do it.

no, there’s nothing known about bypassing this check…

here in germany many many people have troubles with the “advanced” blacklisting of this SD3.2 version, but EA / Maxis just say to remove the program when playing…
they don’t even plan to release a patch for this…

and you see, they released yesterday that they sold over 1.000.000 copies of sims 2 worldwide - this is why they think their protection-way is good… :frowning:

I heard the new CloneCD fixes SafeDisc blacklisting.

maybe, but even if it would, xtacydima doesn’t want to spend money for a new version…


did ghosters suggest a n0cd ©rack?

is there a tool that will remove the blacklisting in clonecd 4.2 that is legal?
also what do u mean by 0vernet? are you suggesting he downloads a шarez copy?

did ghosters suggest a n0cd ©rack?

maybe… and maybe he did also tell which only one works 100%… :wink: :cop:

somehow this is a “dirty” thread… :wink:

this is an interesting thread. my legal advice informs me that, in Australia at least, once you own the game [ have legally paid for it or got it say as a present etc. ] then the game is your property and you can do what ever you want with the game in order to facilitate the creation of a working backup for archival purposes regardless of the scarey words and legalese of the software license agreement. further, there is no legal difference in using an emulation program such as clonecd, alcohol, daemon tools etc., to fool the game that you have the original cd in the drive or using the method i mentioned to do the exact same thing. as above, you own the game, you have rights and title

I’m playing The Sims 2 using newest DTools and dumped the mounted image using DiscDump V1.10 + Frontend V1.4.1. Never got any kind of emulation problem and as you know both are freeware so no need to get a new CloneCD licence :).

Wrong! You are not permitted to modify the program in making a back-up copy. Unauthorised no-cd cracks/patches (i.e. not released by the copyright holder) are illegal under Australian copyright law. :cop:

philamber - “Wrong! You are not permitted to modify the program in making a back-up copy. Unauthorised no-cd cracks/patches (i.e. not released by the copyright holder) are illegal under Australian copyright law.”

debatable. the game is paid for. is installed on one PC. if i then use my own tools to modify the game’s exe, or even a splash screen of the game, i doubt any court would regard that as illegal copyright infringement being that no public distribution of the product is taking place.


Phil knows the law, its part of his occupation, I would have to agree with him :wink:

I guess there is no way, I temporarily add/removed it, removing it, and sims2 runs. It’s just that my younger sister so seldom does burning, and needs a very simply software, and CCD is perfect for that, but not worth anything as far as spending goes on a software that will be used once a month at most.

Not even remotely debatable.

The right to make an adaptation of a copyright work (i.e. computer program) forms part of the copyright owner’s rights (s. 31(1)(a)(vi) of the Copyright Act 1968).

A no-cd crack/patch is an adaptation (modification) of the program.

Copyright is infringed by a person who not being the owner of the copyright and who without the licence of the copyright owner does any act that forms part of the copyright owner’s rights (e.g. makes an adaptation of the program by using a no-cd crack/patch) - (s. 36(1) of the Copyright Act 1968).

The question is not whether a court would find an infringement since every Australian court would do so. The question is whether anyone would bother taking someone to court over an infringement of the type you describe.

Thanks for trying to help merther, but these files you post are questionable as to legality issues, and therefore I will not try them, nor keep them around on theboard… hope you understand.

I am looking for a solid portable soultion, not emulation or edited files.

Anyway, I posted about this in the CCD forum, as I am trialing CCD 5 latest versiona nd it fails as well with the same error message.

Apparently its just a problem not yet fixed, as CCD fails as well.

is the “mini-image” illegal? it doesnt bypass or modify the protection? or do anything that the dmca says is illegal from what i can see :slight_smile:


  1. in a democracy all law/s are tentative, questionable, open to debate and interpretation.

  2. one thing i find “Not even remotely debatable” is your arrogance. arrogant persons are profoundly ignorant. so, let me advise you of a country called north korea where …

what is philamber’s job? everybody allways says “he knows the law”.

ben :slight_smile:

Barrister (courtroom lawyer for our American friends). :slight_smile: