Sims 2 graphical issues

Hi all,

I havent posted a question for a bit and half (i think), so here goes

I have ‘The Sims 2’ and installed it etc. When i go to play it, i have a shit load of graphical issues, well i cant really explain it but the pictures will do a better job, i hope, ive left a dxdiag for nosey people who like looking at my config lol.

If anyone can shed some light on this issue, ill happily sacrifice some Sims, lol.



You got a shot video card. Return it and get the 6800GT. Are you overclocking that FX5700? If not, try reinstalling the video driver, or try another version of the video driver.


My 6800 GT is on the way in fact, but strangley enough it runs Doom 3 and CoD Uo with ease. No overclocking. Its a fairly new format actually.

Any more ideas would be nice.

Thanks Stoner.

Try an older driver, otherwise just wait for the new card.

have you set the “high performance” slider in the drivers to maximum?

if yes, try moving them a little more to quality, NOT just speed…

don’t know the actual setting name, because i have ati for a longer time now and don’t know the nvidia drivers but i remind there are such settings anywhere…??? :wink:

Raz man, i cant thank you enough, setting the setting to quality…WORKED!!

Thanks dude :smiley:

glad to help… :slight_smile: