Sims 2 DVD Backup?

Hi. I’ve been looking through this forum for a while now. After searching around I still couldn’t get around my problem.

Last week I bought Sims 2 DVD edition. Because my son is sloppy with discs I want to make a backup of the DVD and hide the proper one. I tried using A120 and CCD to make the backup but both have failed. When trying to read a DVD in A120 and CCD I lose quite alot of options. For example, I can’t choose safedisc in A120 whereas if I just insert a CD I could. I also can’t choose read speed. In Blind Write 5 I could choose those custom profiles but couldn’t make a proper backup. Any suggestions to overcome the protection would be greatly appreciated.

I too have a son who is careless with game CDs/DVDs. A great solution I recently found was Game Jackal. With this software my son is able to play Sims 2 (DVD version) without having to use the DVD. It works great with the latest games like Sims 2, Doom 3, Painkiller, etc. without having to go through the time and trouble of making backup copies of the CDs/DVDs.

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There is currently no known way to backup SafeDisc dvds, i think there is a way but so far it is just whispers (to me anyway). I read in the list of changes for CloneCD 5 that it copies SafeDisc 3.2 DVDs, but i doubt it. Perhaps anyone could give a review on the latest version?

Your best bet is to purchase the CD version and take it back/exchange the discs.


The new version of CloneCD is your best bet.
See also This Thread.
A trial version of the newest CloneCD can be downloaded from Slysoft

Thanks alot. I’ll give Game Jackal a try. I can’t really give up the convinience of DVD, it just installs so nicely.

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from what I’ve read emulation is needed because a dvd-r disc can be easily detected. But if you’re using a dvd+r disc you can change the booktype field. Wouldn’t this eliminate the need for emulation? and if it doesn’t could someone please give detailed info why emulation is necessary?.

so I gather no one knows?

I think you can change the booktype field, do a search on the forum, i think another user attempted it previously.