Sims 2 copy

I am new here, but i know a little about what i am doing. I recently bought the sims 2 complete collection from ebay. I wanted to make backups of the cd’s and dvd’s so i can keep them in the boxes and not damage them. As per things get more pricy and i really dont want to buy them again. I went and made iso’s of every disc into .mds format. I want to burn them off. I did burn the 4cd version of sims 2 deluxe and installed it. I burned university and it will not work. I used alcohol with safedisc 2/3 on. Is there a trick to doing this with the entire collection. I tried mounting the image but the program sees the emulation and cancels the run. What cn i do here?

Welcome tgrantjr,

what’s the safedisc version of sims 2 university?

I am not even sure. I went thru and installed each game disc with mounting the images. I get everything installed and it asks for the disc, i put in the one that i burned and it says to put in the proper disc. If i am installing all the expansion packs with the emulated drive on alcohol and i even put the original in the drive and it will say emulation is detected. Is there a way around this that i could just make a copy of the final expansion disc 1 and use it instead of burning off everything. Also can i turn off the emulation on alco120?