Simpsons Season 5 - Anti Piracy ad


I’m getting really sick of seeing the anti piracy movie EVERY SINGLE TIME I put this disc in my player.

Now I want to make a backup of the set, cutting out this annoying movie. What is the best way to do it without affecting the menus (Which are essential on this DVD)


DVDReMakePro or IfoEdit. DVD Shrink can just block it with a blank screen or an image but you’ll still have to wait for however long the movie lasts.

Depending on how the movie is implemented you may be able to cut it with CloneDVD.

I use Vob Blanker to cut out FBI warnings, Movie company names, blank screens and any other parts at the beginning i don’t want. Its a free program and its better than using a color in dvd shrink. The bad part is it rewrites the whole dvd without the parts you deleted so you have to have twice the hd space to use it.
You can use it you cut out extra scenes as well and the good thing about it is after you use it and rewrite the dvd, if you compress the whole disc there is less compression on the main movie because the extra stuff is gone. You can get it here:

You don’t have to do that.

Once I have DVD Decrypted the DVD. I can process using the same input folder. Therefore, it only processes what it needs to do. If you take out one bit, it just takes a couple of seconds.

It is a tick box option in the settings bit.

What setting are you talking about? is it the ‘process in input folder’ box?


i checked that box and it does process in the same folder, but it creates a backup folder. Is there any way to keep the program from doing that, that you know of?

No afaik.

Click on the more button in the settings. There is a backup folder optin but I don’t think it does what you want.

There is VobBlanker now.

Thanks for all the help