Simpsons movie - movie only, which one?

I just took a quick look today, and the simpsons movie has two main movies … one at 122 minutes and one at 140 minutes … what would be the difference … anyone?

maybe one is full screen, one wide screen?? After looking at it, mine has the same thing as well…not sure what the difference is, ill take a look

Do NOT copy the longer title. It pauses several times during the movie… the image de-saturates to black and white, then audio from another part of the movie plays. A few minutes later, the movie resumes from where it left off.

Not sure why it does that but it’s probably an anti-copying mechanism.

good to know ripper, i did a ful back up with this included, looks like I should redo it and take it out…how would I go about keeping extras and such while taking this title out?

also…wouldnt ripit4me or dvdfab take the protection out of the longer title?

Same thing happened to me. I coppied the longer version and the movie would drop out to black and white. The only way i could watch it was to fast forward way past the area and come back to it.

what if you make a full back up? does the shorter title run instead of the longer title?

id say use dvdfab plat and customize. leave the menu in along with the shorter length movie and whatever extras you want. gotta admit the menus on this disk are somewhat of a chuckle.