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I tried to burn the first disc for the Simpsons Season 3 set, with DVD2ONE v1.2.3. in full disc mode. I tested out the copy and the DVD menu came up fine and I was able to select an episode. However, when I do select an episode, a message comes up and says “This disc will not play in this region”. Wha?!!? I’m in Region 1, and the boxed set is for Region 1.

Well, this is an Apex DVD player, and the region number can be changed. So I did that. I tested the copy out with every possible region number, but it won’t let me play an episode. It keeps saying it’s not the right region!

Any thoughts?

BTW, I used DVD Decrypter, DVD2ONE 1.2.3, and then Nero Express. I did not fool with Ifoedit or Vobedit because I thought the new DVD2One did all that mess.

Nobody has anything to say as a response? It confuses you all too, huh?


The Simpsons, 3rd Season Volumes 1 to 4( Wrong Region Fix) Region 1


DOH! It’s not DVD2One’s fault. :wink: Oh, by the way…Welcome to the Forum!! :smiley:

So who’s fault is it? The DVD’s are Region 1 and play fine in my region 1 player. Why do the copies say they can’t play in my region? Sounds like DVD2ONE to me unless you can specify otherwise :\

Thanks for the warm welcome though!

EDIT: I just clicked on the link you gave to the other Simpsons DVD problems post. Thanks for that.

I recently tried to back up my copies of season 3 . Im running a powerbook G4 and use dvdBackup 1.3 to rip , dvd2oneX 1.1.1 to compress and toast 6 to burn. This was my first crack at doing an episode DVD so i wasnt sure what to expect at all. So far i have had no trouble doing movie dvds.
DvdBackup worked fine, and dvd2oneX seemed to work fine until i tested the files with the player. All the video looks great but the audio is either not heard or , even stranger, from a different episode or extra completely. That was my results with movie only setting. When I tried using diskcopy setting I still got no audio during playback. I never saw any region coding errors.
So my questions…

  1. Does this sound like a problem unique to Simpsons season 3 or am i being a dumass?
  2. At this point im still pretty clueless about doing episode/series dvds. I see people talking about IFOedit but there does not seem to be a version for osX. Can anyone recommend software/tutorials for osX?
    thanks ya’ll:confused: