Simpsons DVD backup only commentary heard

I am using dvdshrink to backup my collection…

I have tried only selecting 5.1 and the 2CH english but when I play the DVDs all I get is the commentary…why? Should I just choose 5.1, I tried excluding the smaller 2CH audio but I had the same problem…any suggestions? I even tried to turn it off on the dvd in the special features menu but it does not stop it.


Sounds like the original audio is not being copied. Have you tried making a copy without deselecting any of the audio streams (that is, allow all audio to be copied)? Perhaps DVDShrink is mislabeling the main audio stream and causing you to think it is extraneous.

Thanks for the response. I just left the 5.1 and it worked so you may be right in that it was mislabled. I would have thought the smaller file was the commentary but perhaps it was the opposite.

While in DVDShrink, select the movie and press the play button to preview it. Now right click on the movie image and an audio selection menu will pop up. You can select any of them and preview the audio right there inside shrink. Saves a lot of confusion later… :wink:

excellent, I did not know that!!!