Simply the best internet experience; Opera 6.0?

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Opera Software ASA today unleashed Opera 6.0 for Windows, a browser with an array of new and improved features, including a completely customizable user…

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I like Internet Explorer. It’s fast and feature packed. It does everything I want it to do. Why install some 3rd party app that tires to do what IE can do?

I like Opera, it’s just a lot faster, and it loads faster. The fact that it doesn’t screw up your taskbar with multiple windows is also very nice :slight_smile: I use IE mainly too, but Opera sometimes just is nice and faster to work with.

I started using Opera when it was reported that IE was spyware, anyway its much better than explorer

It’s not faster than I.E 6.0 and I don’t like Ad-Ware ! Of course you can BUY it but what’s the point ! Screw up the taskbar with multiple windows ??? Opera can do that too, I wonder why ! On some sites it’s faster on others it’s waaay slower … so all in all I guess the are evenly matched !

Í have used Opera & IE for a long time now. Opera i good at something and IE at other things. Opera really rocks, but i will continue to use both browsers… Atleast till Opera gets way better than IE :+

No comparison whatsoever IMO! Opera IS faster and has features IE, Netscape and Mozilla only dreams of. Whoever hasn’t tried it really should give it a spin.

my favorites: 1. Netscape 6 2. Opera 3. - 665. Nothing 666. MS Internet Explorer :r

opera beats IE hands down its faster, has loads of cool features that are not in IE (my personal favourite is mouse gestures). if you havent tried it yet do, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain :slight_smile:

my browser of choice… lynx with ssl support… now thats fast! :wink: // swede_242

Opera is faster and has been since 3.0. I like the customization it has and IE will never have.

I’ve been using Opera since 2.0. It’s great for sites that pop up like mad. I use both, so if your not using Opera, your really losing out.

I am suprised that nobdy has mentioned the Mozilla?

ljpp nobody mentioned mozilla because its not about what browser is best but about MS bashing :wink:

NETCAPTOR KICKS ASS I’ve not found anything better so far!!! :4