Simply make a .iso



I have copied old vhs to DVD with a Samsung DVR. I’d like to back those up onto an external hard drive.
Nero seems complicated to iso one. is there a simplier way?? DVD Shrink makes one but it is only a folder with a audio/video TS file.
I just want to make sure I have a copy of all of them incase they get scratched.


just use dvd shrink! in teh “save target to” box, choose image (I don’t have shrink on this computer, but it’s something similar to that)

and, all a dvd IS is a “audio/videoTS folders filled with files” that’s what the ISO will contain the image of, so saving it as files works exactly the same.

dvd decrypter in “ISO>READ” mode will also output to ISO

ImgToolClassic will also make an ISO I think.

there are tons of options. Use what you’re comfortable with.


@ me86884,

Hard Drives are known to fail and possibly you ISO would be unattainable to make an additional copy. Why not make a couple extra copies of this DVD and store them in a safe place?

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Good suggestion but they’re like 8 of em.