Simplest way to check file allocation on burned dvds?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but I have a few burned discs which are fine except for a couple hundreds MBs at the end. What’s the simplest/quickest way to check what file(s) ended up in those locations of the disc, so as to avoid reburning the whole content? It would be a no brainer if nero (6) preserved the alfabetical order, which is not the case unfortunately.
Thanks for any help.


IsoBuster should be able to show you where all the files on a CD/DVD are located.

Nero CD- DVD Speed can do a similar thing but in a different way. By running a ScanDisc (Read test) you will be able to see exactly which files are good, damaged and bad. It doesn’t work for all CD/DVD filesystems however.

I see, in CDspeed (sadly I’ve been using ver 3.61 until now so to have a reference for pif checks) this info is now presented very clearly.
Thanks, you’ve been very helpful.