Simpleist resolution for DVD not burning 3550a

I have been having problems with my drive for the last couple of weeks
now. When I first got it I could burn like crazy on ridata R04’s at 16x
and things were fine. Then I started getting the no seeks and power
calibration errors. That waisted alot of disc. I tried a different brand
(maxell) and burned slower, no avail.

In the end tonight I tried a different power supply and behold I have
a perfect good quality burn (96% in nero quality scan). I replaced
a 350w case brand with a thermaltake 420W I had here all this time.

Simple fix saves quite alot of money. Here all this time I thought it was:
Drive, firmware choice, OS drivers, or media. None of the above.

Hope this info could be of some use to others looking for resolution.



Yes, a reliable PSU is a must for a good burn and a burn without troubles. :wink:

Of course if the PSU is crappy you can have all sort of problems with your PC, that can even be permanent hardware damage. My opinion (based on my experience) is that today the PSUs are improoved and unless you buy the cheapest PC case on the market, a typical 350W (in an $40-$50 PC case) will be fine for a mainstream mashine. Currently I’m working with a 350W like that and have no problems (primed at full load for a week)(Athlon XP 2100+, GF4Ti, 1 HDD, 2 optical drives). Of course my high-end system (A64 X2 Toledo OCed 2750MHz, 7800GTX, 3HDDs, 2 opticals) is working with a quality-expensive PSU.