I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question:

I decrypted the DVD9 movie using Ripit4me or directly using dvd decrypter., I have the following issues with SimpleDVIX

a) I have been successful in producing DVIX output from a single VOB from the decrypted VOB’s I prepared above with SimpleDVIX . However when I select all the VOB’s , the encoder wont run at all …just a quick flash of the black encoding screen then the status encoding completed is shown.

b) When I tried to use the IFO , the encoder wont run indicating someting like cant read IFO

Codec was set to run 2 pass , total file size set to 4.4MB ( trying to fill the whole dvd) . It wont run even if I reduce the file size to 2G .

Any advise? TKs

In my opinion is a nonsense to encode a divx movie setting as file size 4.5 GB. If you want create a so big file, then the best solution (with a better quality e a much faster speed) is to compress the original DVD with a transcode software like DVD Shrink or CloneDVD.

If the Divx conversion in some way fails, it is possible that ripti4me or dvd decrypter was not able to completely remove all protections from the ripped files. I suggest to rip again the original disc with a more updated software, like AnyDVD or DVDFabDecrypter.

To exclude SimpleDVIX as cause of the problem, can you try to encode again with a different software? I suggest the excellent (and free) AutoGK. Alternatively, check in the SimpleDVIX website if it is available a new version of the software :slight_smile:

OK I will retry. In the meantime I am trying out 'Handbrake" and it seems to work with the same ripped movie.

I have found the problem to be the decrypter. When I used a different decrypter like ANYDVD, everything works fine. Seems to me like the DVD decrypter does not do a clean enough job for encoders like SIMPLEDVIX or Handbrake. I agree that encoding to DVIX is much slower than transcoder like DVD Shrink. I was trying out DVIX or XVID just to see how good the encoded movie is vs DVD shrink since I have a standalone DVD player that can handle DVIX and XVID.

I’m glad that you solved :slight_smile:

Usually an AVI has a rather good quality at a much lower file dimension. You can compress a full DVD to a 1.5 GB file with a very good quality :slight_smile: