Simple way to rip a subtitle track from a DVD?

What’s the simplest/quickest way to rip a subtitle track from a DVD to a format which I can read in, say, DVD-Lab Pro or Subtitle Workshop ?

Unfortunately, the .sub output from Decrypter in IFO mode won’t do. Is there a catch with that one ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

OK, what I’ve tried so far:

DVD Decrypter demuxed .sub: seemingly unreadable by any program.

OCR with SubRip: works, but too troublesome and time consuming with all the character recognition typing.

BMP with SubRip: not sure if I did something wrong, but by the time I imported to DVD-Lab Pro and built the final movie, the subs had lost background transparency, meaning a black screen comes up together with the subs every time.

VobSub Ripper: the output subs are all in capitals.

There MUST be something simple and quick which works ?

One additional question, is there a way to keep a sub track’s original formatting (italics, etc, as per use of <i> tags if it’s a .srt for instance) in DVD-Lab Pro ? The program has built-in support for this stuff but seems to discard all formatting when importing-building a project.

Have you tried converting the subs to .srt format? Subtitle Workshop can do this for you.

Edit: looks like we posted at almost the same time. Try demuxing the subs with VobEdit and converting to .srt with Subtitle Workshop.

Yup, I had already tried Subtitle Workshop as well but it can’t read those darn Decrypter .sub either. The program also can’t read the resulting .sup from VobEdit, so no conversion to .srt there. While looking for another program which could do that specific job, I pretty much concluded that I’d be stuck with the same exact problem I have in the first place, i.e. trying to avoid the time and trouble from OCR’ing the subs. This little line © and ™ by ChickenMan made me gave up on it:

“If your looking for something fully automatic, then you will be waiting a long time.”

My current conclusion is that DVD subtitles are the scum of the world and must be destroyed at all costs. OCR it is then. If someone can prove me wrong and provide me with info as to my initial question in the first post, I’ll be thankful :stuck_out_tongue:

One other problem which I’d still also love a solution to is the loss of formatting (italics, etc) when importing a subtitle track into DVD-Lab Pro to build a project. Anyone ?

For what’s worth, thank you :slight_smile:

I have the same issue glad i spotted your thread will keep tabs in case someone comes up with a solution. ocr must be used somewhere in the process as the subs are embedded on the dvd as pics. have tried so many progs so far but subrip is all i can use at the moment with the same issue you have.I have searched the web for ages for a solution to this.

[QUOTE=Steve Moffat;2196609]ocr must be used somewhere in the process as the subs are embedded on the dvd as pics. [/QUOTE]
I haven’t used DVD-Lab Pro in a while but since he’s apparently trying to author a new DVD which also has subs embedded as pics I’m suprised it does not import idx/sub. After all, these are the exact same pics that are on the original DVD therefor you’ll get no quality degration.

With AnyDVD in the background you can grab them with Vsrip easily.