Simple Tutorial required please

Im new to this game having just bought my first Video Camera when I retired (Didnt get my first computer till I was 65!) My problem is one of being old and not very technology literate.
I have got as far as making movies, editing them, and making DVD files but where I have reached a wall is compressing them so that I can get a couple of hours worth onto one DVD-R My software wont allow compression (Cyberlink Power Director) I tried DVD shrink but it wont recognise what I have produced.
Can anyone recommend a solution?

  • I have strung together some old clips I took with a Digital camera and made a big movie (About 5 GB) waht is the method for spliting it down to managable .99GB Chunks.
    Oh… stop laughing just help a poor old man out will you before whats left of my brain explodes. does contain tutorials and with the search you can specify beginners for the results. It is a good place to start.

Compression is a double edged sword, yes you can fit more onto the disc, but you can loose quality and if you go too far that the disc just wont be playable, the rule of diminishing returns.

Many conversion programmes allow you to split the files into a set size. THis is generally avaialble in the options as you do it.

Try DVDStudio

I use this to convert DVD files to an Ipaq (320 x 240) but it can be used to convert dvd files to different resolutions 640 x 480 etc and with varying compression ratios. The larger respolutions (a complete DVD aved to CDr!) look perfectly acceptable to me but this wolud be down to personal tastes and preferences.

The user interface is very intuitive and you can download a trial version (I think this only compresses the first 10 minutes of video) but it will give you a ‘feel’ for the medium and an idea if it meets your needs.

Best of luck in your new interests…

If DVD Shrink won’t recognize the files they must not be DVD video files. I’m not familiar with Power Director so I don’t know what file format it uses for your finished files. Can you open the folder and see what file format it uses?

Hello Wobble… thanks for your help on this, files seem to be in something called called a VOB. The raw data from the camera is in a MOD file… I think! This driving me nuts, realy hope you can sort me out. Dick

vob is the file structure used by DVDs, they should be multiple different ones. An “I think” for the raw data is not realy helpful just do a test with the camera for the exact file extension and post it.