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Hi. My name is David, and this is my first post. I don’t want to engage in anything illegal, and I don’t want to violate the rules of this forum. I’ll just explain my problem, and let the moderator take me to task if I have done something wrong. Living in Thailand as I do, I find it almost impossible to purchase original movies. I can’t even rent an original movie. Because the pirated copies are so cheap, there are almost no rental places around. The ones that do exist invariably rent out pirated copies anyhow! I would much rather pay for original movies because the quality of the pirated stuff is often inferior. Anyway, since I have a number of DVD movies which I can copy, I would like to make some compilation DVDs for my own private use, but I am having trouble finding a simple, easy-to-use video editing software that will allow me to copy individual scenes from several movies, and make a compilation DVD from these scenes. Usually, the software programs are geared towards editing home movies from a camcorder. Some of them allow one to import video without audio, which is not what I want. Can anyone recommend softare that will meet my needs? Thanks.


Hi David and welcome to cdfreaks,

I believe shrink may do what you wish. Although no longer developed or supported, it is a very useful application and capable of re-authoring. It’s feeware and easy to use. Here’s a link to a decent guide, take a look at “Re-Author” > “Compilation”. I think this may do it for you. You’ll probably have to google for a download site, but there are still some around. Remember, it’s freeware, so don’t get scammed.

Hope this helps.


Shrink is good.
There is also MPEG Video Wizard DVD from Womble. It can do a lot more than Shrink, but it is not free.


Thanks, guys. I downloaded Shrink, and I like it. It is relatively easy to isolate a portion of a movie (say a song in a musical) and save it to my hard drive. I seem to be able to retain the audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS, which is important to me. Later, I will make a compilation DVD. I am not sure yet what program I will use for that. I’d like to able to make some kind of transition between each song. I have another question: If I want to copy just audio from a movie, and retain Dolby Digital or DTS sound, do I need to use a DVD for that? Is it possible to record just the audio on the DVD, thus taking up much less room than the audio and video combined? Is it possible to record on a CD instead, still retaining surround sound?


If you want to get only audio get DVD Decrypter (free) to rip audio track from DVD.
You will not be able to use it with CD because it uses .wav (uncompressed) type file where DVD is AC3 or DTS (all compressed sound).
I do not know any cd players that support surround sound.


Thanks. DVD Decrypter appears to support only 2-channel audio. I am trying to copy 6-channel audio.


Decrypter will separate any stream you want. Just have to find which one is 5.1.
Usually first stream (0x80).


CDuncle, I hope you will permit another question. I seem to getting closer to making this happen. I ripped the audio from a DVD, and I am left with a bunch of AC3 files on my hard drive. I am not sure how to get from there to burning the audio onto a DVD, retaining the 5- or 6-channel sound. With Nero and Roxio, it seems that I’d have to convert the AC3 files to something else… and/or when I try to burn to to a DVD, these programs want video files, not audio files!


If you want to make CD, you will have to convert AC3 to Wav. I do not think CD will play 5.1 sound , only stereo. For conversion you can use BeSweet and BeLight(GUI for BeSweet), Both are free and you can get them from
If you want to retain 5.1 and do DVD, you will need authoring software. I do not know if NERO or Roxio will do that because most of these support only AC3 stereo. I thing new Nero can use 5.1, but do not know if to make DVD.
I use DVD Lab from Mediachance. It is not cheep, but it will do what you want. Just use menu to import still picture into together with your AC3 5.1 sound file and compile DVD.
You can make 250 or 640 menus in one VTS. Depends if you have regular or pro version.


If you want a pure audio disc you have 2 possibilities CD audio wav stereo 2 chnls
DVD-Audio supports AC3
But DVD-Audio will require special hardware for playing and as SACD is supported only by some (few) DVD players.
A workaround would be a DVD video with no image and only the sound - for this you can use a black frame for the all lenght of the DVD, and play it with the TV off or the software player minimized.
However it seems that the idea is not a sound disc but to compile a DVD from parts of the ones you got.
On legal grounds you need to know your local law and see how ot works for you.
If you get a reasonble video editor you can do what you want and cut sound together with the image - after you import the VOB files and turn them into Mpeg2 DVD compatible do your editing and connect the pieces looking at the sound side (fading to avoid jumps). After you can author a DVD with your stuff.