Simple task became hard task

Since I am supposed to know about computers, I end up having to fix other peoples at times and since my health is not that good and the doctors told me that I needed to keep my mind busy I do not mind.

So my sons wife mother, just to let you know how far this goes at times, wanted me to look at her computer, and I ended up ordering more memory. 128k just not enough for a xp computer it was driving me crazy just trying to work on it. Simple enough open computer install memory close computer and done. Well had to blow out the dust so I could intall the memory. Since I could now with another 256k of memory get it to work at a reasonable speed, I said I would update windows, update norton, run ccleaner and then restart. Well did restart and windows would come up and then the computer would freeze up. So figured I updated to many things at one time so I got to a restore before it froze again.
No fix so I removed everything along with the new memory but all I ended up doing was causing problems with the Hal.dll, so it would not go to windows at all, but thats not hard to fix.

To get to the point it seems that when I blew out the dust, and I mean a lot of dust, a large peace of it got in the fan for the cpu and stopped it. When I got around to taking of the cover for the fan I knew why the computer was freezing the cpu was getting to hot. Remove dust and did a better job of getting it all out of the computer, reinstalled everything and it worked like it should.

These simple jobs sometimes turn out to be big jobs. Stupid is as stupid does next time I will get all the dust.

Thanks for sharing that samlar. It’s good information that everyone can use.:wink: