Simple Question to BackUp DVD: HLP PLS! Newbie on the learn here

Been reading newbie, and other forums, before making my first DVD copy, and read that I first: should use DVDDecryptor and then DVDShrink-Nero (Currently own Nero6, so no problems there), but went to dowload DVD Shrink and found the following comment:

“The first preventative measure is encryption. Most DVD titles are encrypted, which prevents you from either copying them to your hard drive, or if you manage to do so, being able to play the resulting files. DVD Shrink overcomes this problem with built-in decryption algorithms”

The question is: Does this mean that DVD Decryptor is no longer required to complete the process, and DVDShrink does all the job??? Decrypt (protected DVD) and Shrink 'em??

Thx again. :bow:

I am actually new to DVD burning also and had he same questions earlier today. I found that I use DVD Shrink with Nero and that does the trick. I am using a version of Nero that came with my burner and it works fine. However, it does take awhile to burn it though as it has to encode it and then afterwards actually burn it. What it does is encodes it to your harddrive and then takes it from there and burns it to your disk. You can delete it from your harddrive aftewards. I have done 3 movies today and no problems yet. So, you can take this with a grain of salt but thats what I do. I put the disk in, start up DVD Shrink, and the computer does everything else…literally.

Thx for your help, One other question though ,

When you execute DVDShrink, it decodes the DVD to the HD, and then it “invokes” Nero Automatically?? Or to Start the process you hit “Burn” in Nero, and it invokes DVDShrink??

And would You know if usind DVDDecryptor and then DVDShrink-Nero Works faster than the latter alone??

thx for your input. :slight_smile:

shrink and nero is really all you need and is the fastest way

sometimes though decrypter may have to be used if shrink has trouble with a movie, but there are very, very few that shrink can’t handle :iagree: