Simple Question re.Burning


Simple question, What is the best way to burn an AVI file onto a DVD. I have tried Nero and ConvertxtoDVD both work fine but do not have 100% success rate and Nero is VERY slow. ConvertxtoDVD for example causes loads of pixelation on the computer and leaves the movie stuttering sometimes but other times it works fine. Simple answer would be appreciated

you’re talking about converting an avi to dvd right and not just creating a data dvd? the pixeltation might be because the avi file isnt all that good quality to begin with…convertxtodvd is used by many so it should be an ok program

ConvertxtoDVD should work well, make sure you have it set for High Quality/Slow encoding. I don’t like their burning engine though, I always save to HD and play it from the HD first, then do the final burn with Nero Express. If it looks good playing from the [B]HD [/B](usually clicking on the VIDEO_TS.IFO will open it in your player), but bad from a burned disc it could be a media problem. What kind or running times and discs are we talking about?