Simple question about write speeds

Just wondering what it is that determines how low of a speed you can write a dvd at. I’m using a Lite-On SOHW-812S with the latest firmware, and can only burn at 8x,6x or 4x. I was hoping to get down to 1x as these dvd’s aren’t playing properly on some dvd players. With my Plextor 708A at home, I had this problem with burning at 4x (i think. at least that anyway). The video was choppy in some parts, but I was able to burn at 1x with dvd decryptor and it played fine. Using these memorex dvd-r’s at the moment. Using Nero Info tool, it says they can be burnt at 4,6,or 8x. But is that because of the drive or the disc ? Thanks.

your problems are probably due to the memorex media. try another brand. like Maxell or verbatim. Fuji is usually an excellent brand as they are usually Taiyo Yuden’s but they tend to be expensive unless you catch them on sale.


Your LiteOns prefer 8x +R medias according to a whole lot of folks in here over the past year-

Use only the good stuff like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-

Look for the Riteks and Taiyo Yuden at for the real “A” Grade stuff at very reasonable prices-


Hey Mike…

I forgot to tell you the other day on the phone but Memorex seems to have gotten the message and gotten off their ass. I’m now seeing some of their media made in India which is turning out to be Moser Baer. Don’t know if you’ve had the chance to try any of this but I suggest that if you do, go for it. It’s testing with the quality of TY’s and you know by now when it comes to this I wouldn’t BS ya. So my question for lihin is where was the media made? If it’s India, I wouldn’t blame the media.


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Repressed Elephant $hit???

India huh??

Probably goes well with your Yak piss cooling system in your Hippo Penis computer-

And you didn’t say $hit about me recommending +R media-

I’m disappointed-


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I was actually inferring that if you should see some Memorex in your negative attitude brand (made in India) that it would be worth your while to give it a try. And by the way ya old blind fart, I didn’t get your so called Yak wizz cooling system Sony. I forgot to update the HDD to Seagate but I can’t honestly put the Yak machine down yet as I passed on it. Didn’t fit into the budget at the time with the trip to Az coming up. So my sig. is still correst with the Puck HP.:sad:

Tested the Memorex DVD-R which has manufacturer id of CMC MAG.AE1 (not sure what that means) and a ritek one with id RITEKGO4. With my Plextor 708A they both come up with 1,2 and 4x write speeds. Haven’t checked the ritek disc on the lite-on drive. The Memorex is supposed to be 8x writeable, but i know the plextor is only 4x max with dvd-r, so this seems to be more drive dependant than media. Used nero infotool for these checks.

Thanks for the quick replies.

CMC is not a very consistent media. Burn at 4X with quality Made in Japan media. You only need to use 1X if you have a lousy PC or burner.

CMC= Cr@ppy Media Corporation :bigsmile:

I’ll be a little more harsh than furballi. CMC Mag is CRAP!!! But your batting 500 cuz the RITEK G04 is a very respectable media.

ya, the memorex wasn’t my pick. my boss picked those up. maybe if he gives me a raise i’ll bring in some riteks.

That’s fine, but like I said if you see the Memorex that’s made in India (which I’m starting to see a lot more of) I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Moser Baer (from what I’ve heard) has been pretty popular in Europe and is just now starting to be seen in the states. I picked up a 5pk under the Imation label and was very impressed. The tests that I ran are giving TY a run for their money with my NEC 3500 using LD_V1_4_Final


If you run across some, try some maxell 4x+r’s. They are ricohjpnr01 (liteons generally love these disks). Ricohjpnr02’s work great too but are hard to reliably find.

And if anyone can find some REAL Ricohjpnr02’s, PLEASE let us know where you found or find them. Appreciate it much.