Simple question about DVD burning

Was just wondering, i just downloaded a torrent which contains two .avi files, both 710mb. I want to burn them to a dvd, making them 1 movie. Is there anything special i should do in order to let the dvdplayer recognize it as one movie? Will it automatically go to the second file and play it? any help is appreciated :slight_smile: -x-

help meh. :o

What dvd player and please don’t answer if the movie (files) hold copyrighted material.

its an LG player. i dont really care about the format cus it plays almost everything, ill just convert it to mpg or whatever. Just wondering if it recognizes the two files as one, or do i need to use some program to “glue” them together? :slight_smile: thx for ze effort

An LG player of what model number please? The help you get is often proportional to the amount of information you supply.

Unless your DVD Player supports AVI files (and not many do), you’ll have to use some kind of ‘AVI to DVD’ conversion program.

i was mistaken, the LG player is the one i had before :smiley: ive got this one now: Phillips DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 Player DVD625K. Dunno if its exactly that model or type, guess they have new and old ones, but ok. I do know it plays divx and mpg so on so forth, so ill convert the two files first before putting them on DVD. any more information required? :slight_smile:

You must convert the movie into a videodvd (mpeg2) compliant format, then burn it to dvd.
Or you could convert it to VCD or SVCD alternatively.

ok so i can then just put the two seperate files on the dvd and it’ll just play them as one? or ill just have to select the second part after the first part has finished? thanks :smiley:

Nope, you have to merge both files and then convert them to mpeg2.

AVIMUX will stick them together for you …
Or virtualdub / virtualdubmod.

All freeware :wink: