Simple question about Clone DVD 2

You know the slider bar with Green, Yellow & Red that is supposed to indicate the quality of the DVD?

Well my question is about that percentage figure that is right above it.

Lets say that you have a movie in your drvie and it says 78%, does that mean that the movie is being compressed at 22%?

On another note, are there any readily accepted leaders as far as video quality goes between all of the various software solutions out there (1 click, clone dvd 2, dvd shrink, etc…) or does it all really just boil down to personal preference?

Thanks for the help guys.

Correct, 22% compression. I usually split around 20%.

Nero Recode is the quickest when it comes to compressing the movie.

Shrink ties Recode in processing uncompressed title but is slow when it comes to compressing movies. Both of these programs will permit the user to fine tweak the final size of the movie down to the last second.

CloneDVD is in the middle. This program is very easy to use with excellent support by Ollie on this forum. There is no support for Recode and Shrink except from other forum users.

I see no visual improvement among the shrink programs given the same amount of compression.

Thanks for the input Furb, it is greatly appreciated!