Simple Question about 106D and CD Burning

Hi Forum. Thanks for your great help. I’m a newb, obviously, and am glad to get any kind of clear and straightforward advice. I am the owner

Would you know if the Taiyo Yuden CD-R 52X blank CDs can be read by a five year old Pioneer 106D? I’ve used lots of blank CDs and burnt them with great success without ever paying attention to the speed.

I am about to buy a pack of blank CD-Rs and have gathered from here that Taiyo Yuden discs are the best. I have about 20,000 songs to burn, total and want to get the best. :wink:

MY QUESTION: Are there speed limitations for burning CDs- or a level of burning blank CD media that simply CANNOT be read by the 106D? If the 52x can’t be read, where can I find a TY CD-R with lower burn speeds?

I asked a similar question about DVDs and got a very clear answer, and was hoping to bug you all again with this question. I really appreciate your help. :bow:

Sorry forgot to add my computer Specs:

Imac 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4, 17" Flat Panel.
Mac OS X (10.3.x)
:doh: Pioneer DVDRW -106D

The newer 52x Taiyo Yuden CD-R actually have the same ATIP (media code) as the older & slower TY discs - 97m24s01f. So your old Pioneer 106 should be able to burn these, and usually burn them well, even at low speeds, since it’s the best CD media available these days.
Reading should not be a problem whatsoever either.