Simple Q about DVD formats

Hi all
I just got a new laptop with a NEC DVD± RW ND-6650A and its my first DVD burner :stuck_out_tongue: and I was just wondering what the differences are between the various ± formats are.

i also cant find a forum that tells me which companies to buy from. one forum i looked at had a HUGE list of compatable media but how am i to narrow down my options?

some help would be Nice
thnks Kenny

Hi :slight_smile:
All you really wanted to know on DVD
As for specific brands of media, I would go for either Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
You cant’t go wrong with these (IMO).

Welcome to the forum. I second the suggestion to go with TY or Verbatim. Some very good companies to deal with, in order, are:,,,,,, and They all sell both media. One caveat, Meritline sells “High Quality” media with a TY code. It is NOT genuine TY.