Simple problem, but seemingly complicated solution; converting video ratio size

OK doke folks, I have what should be quite a simple problem to solve - or so I thought. I work for a charity and they want a DVD to loop a couple of videos on a PC screen - no problem. However, one of the videos is in the wrong aspect ratio; it’s stretched too vertically (Youtube example of it here). I can’t just get the technophobes there to fiddle with the video to get it to display correctly whenever they want and don’t have access to the original source files from whoever made the DVD, so my simple question is…

How can I convert this file so that it displays correctly by default? It’s currently VOB but I don’t mind converting it to another format. Surely there’s a simple program out there that can fix this?!

I’ve tried various programs but I’m no pro at this and have spent hours of frustration on this so can someone please point me in the right direction? It would be of great help.

Can you just stretch it in the video player? Here’s an example from VLC:

Thanks, yeah I know that it’s possible but these people just want to put a DVD in and let it run, they have NO understanding of PCs whatsoever. I need to make the video the right default aspect ratio.

I’m going download it but it will be a .flv .
I’m sure that is what it is on YouTube.
How did your video file get to being a .vob ?

Another part of the problem is the video may have already been badly converted. I’m not sure that can be fixed.
My understanding is the wrong “Pixel aspect ration can cause streching”. So it would take the original to really fix the problem.

That being said maybe it can be improved from what it now is.

I converted it to avi so that I could upload it to Youtube.

OK , That means this file has at the least been created as a video with clips of videos from a “camera”. Then I guess put on a commercial DVD or maybe a burned one. From that it has been ripped back to a hard drive as a .vob. That .vob converted to an.avi. The .avi uploaded to YouTube where it was converted to an .flv . Then downloaded by me as an .flv.
The point is even if I convert it & it looks better . That doesn’t mean the settings I use would work on the first rip of the .vob to correct the “stretch”.
This thread explains about PAR;

Now that that’s been said.
Try DVDFlick . Set to SL DVD size.
After you add the .vob in the Project settings/Playback the default should be:
Play the next title & Loop to first title when done playing last checked .
That should get the DVD to play the way you want it. Accept.
Now in the Edit title/Video sources Pixel aspect . I would start with Default then work down the list till you get the one that looks best.
I can’t say which one will be the best but one [B]may[/B] look better.
meaning less stretched.