Simple ISO Question



I am new to ISO, and have downloaded my first ISO. My question is what app do I use to burn the ISO on to CD’s. I have a Plextor 12/10/32. Any help would be appreciated.


what kind of ISO is it? .iso .cue .nrg .img I need to know this 1st


It is a .iso file for the Ice Wind Dale game. I have tried using Fireburner, CDRWin, and ISOBuster. None seem to work. With CDRWin, I get an error that states “File length is not a multiple of the CD-ROM sector size” I have no idea what that means unfortunately. Any help?


Easy CD-Creator: [File - Create CD from Image]… Choose “ISO” from the drop down list, and there you go…

Same can be done with Nero… Don’t know how (from the top of my head… Too lazy to look for it)
Or, you could use WinOnCD… They all seem to work fine…


It might be that the iso is corrupt. If not u can try this…

In CDRWIN, you could create a cue sheet, i am guessing that the sector size is 2048 so, open notepad, copy and paste the 4 lines under this paragraph, change the “[ISO NAME]” to what ever the iso is called. The save the notepad document e.g. cd.cue . It must have the .cue at the end. The simply load CDRWIN, click on record disc, load the cue file and burn. IF however the sector size is 2352, simple change the 2048 to 2352.

TRACK 01 MODE1/2048
INDEX 01 00:00:00
POSTGAP 00:02:00

If you are not sure of the sector size, use a program like IsoBuster or CDmage or even WinISO. All of these will tell you the sector size.

In Nero, FILE->BURN IMAGE then choose the iso u want to burn.

Hope that helps


Or try extracting the iso to see if it will pull apart with a program like WinIso or Isobuster, maybe you can extract the files and then burn it???


Is there an echo??