Simple instructions copy from HD to DVD

I have a Panasonic DMR-EH75V and would like step by step instructions on how to select chapters ALREADY on my Panasonic Hard Drive and copy them to a DVD.

So far, I am able to copy my old VHS tapes to the Hard Drive, but from there, I keep pressing the wrong buttons. After an hour or so, I stumble on the correct sequence but can never remember how I got there, so I can write down the instructions.

I apologise for being so slow, but the instructions in the manual seem so complex to me.

The sequence I have down so far is to turn on the TV with my TV remote, Press the A/V button , then go to my Panasonic button and choose the Hard Drive option. From there, I see my 13 chapters, and I think I know how to put a check mark to select.

At this point I am lost. What button do I press to get it to copy to the DVD?

I’d appreciate any response.

Thank You