Simple Guide to convert DVDs to VCD



I just posted the article Simple Guide to convert DVDs to VCD.

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I just got this from DVD-Digest’s newsletter:
** Simple Guide to convert DVDs to VCD - a 31 (!!) page word document…

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Perhaps it shoul be added that the guide is for converting a 2 hour DVD to a single VCD, in good quality.


Using DivX that is…


Sorry read the wrong article… Damn…


Can anybody tell me what i must do.For a dvd to mpeg or avi compress ?

just tell me what i must do
and must you have a dvd player
do rip these dvd’s ?


i used flaskmpeg it works petty well… good quality
mpeg4 divx i ripped 5 dvds with it …no bugs …
only!!! take time to wait…


Yoiu will need a DVD player, but not a standalone DVD player for your TV, but one that is installed on your computer similar to a CD-Rom.


31 pages!!! Yup, sounds simple 2 me…


There are tons of pictures in the 31 page word ducument, hence it’s length. If you get rid of the pictures, you can probably fit it on 2,3 pages.


for a simple site with simple instructions…


I have read that VCD players dont support DIVX 4, is it true???

Its gr8 converting DVD, I have done many DVDs, the only problem is that in some scenes it goes all blocky, any Ideas?