Simple, Easy DVD Menu Maker?

I’m slowly but surely backing up my small DVD collection onto DVD-R disks.

My plan is to keep the original DVDs in storage as master disks, and to only play the back-up disks in my DVD player.

Today I started backing up the five disk set of the Blackadder TV Series.

I guess the original disks are two layered, because each disk will hold six episodes, but I can only get 4 episodes onto a DVD-R disk, without compression.

I tried just burning four episodes to a disk, but then it looks like the only way to get to episodes 2-4 is to use the “Next” »| button, which is pretty annoying, since it takes six clicks to get through each episode.

I wonder if I could use the software I already have on my computer to create a very simple menu that would allow me to choose which episode I want to view.

Here’s a list of what I have on my machine now:

[li]DVD Shrink 3.2
[/li][li]DVD Fab 5
[/li][li]Nero Smart Start
[/li][li]Rip it 4 me
[/li][li]DVD Decrypter

I don’t need or want to make anything fancy. No grahpics. No Music. No animation. Just a simple text list of the program titles and buttons to click.

If I’m going to need a new program to create the menus, I’d prefer a free program, because I’m on a very limited income.

Hi Clueless in Seattle;First since the five disk set of the Blackadder TV Series is probably encrypted & new .With what you have already you need to rip it to your hard drive with DVDFab 5.If it the free version the rip will be DVD9 .So you will need to compress with DVDShrink.
While using DVDShrink for this you might as well use the Re-author Start/End Frames.
Take out 4 episodes.
Then for the next DVD you can take the other two.
Then do the same for the first two from the second disc.
If I remember after you Start/End 5 & 6 you have to go from Re-author to Full disc.
Open files from disc 2 then back to Re-author.
Take the next two in the series.
Actually you want to Start/End each individual episode.
You do this by continually draggin the title in the Main movie to the left side.
The first one won’t have a number the next will be #2 & so on.
Start/End the individual episode out of each one you want.
Once you have this the way you want it.Do a backup with DVDShrink.
You will now have 4 episodes that will fit on a single layer disc if you did the compression correctly.
Now for a program that you don’t have a freeware by the name of TitleWriter.
This will make fairly simple menus.Read the help information.
Take a look at the finished VIDEO_TS file with VLC.If it looks & performs like you want it to then burn it to a DVD disc.If you have an RW you might try going to it first.
Sometimes a disc will perform slightly different with VLC that it does in a standalone DVD player/recorder.
I prefer ImgBurn for the burn .