Simple DVD request


Could somebody please tell me how to burn a DVD which will play in a DVD player?

I have a realmedia (from Realplayer) file which I successfully converted to .VOB but I can’t burn it with Nero.

It keeps asking for some .ifo file and I have no idea what this is or how to create it.

If somebody could kindly take pity on a newbie and tell me how to copy the file simply with Nero or another program that would be wonderful.

I don’t need any fancy menus or anything. I simply need the one file I have copied onto the DVD so I can play it in my DVD player.

I also have the program S.U.P.E.R. installed so if I have to convert it to another format (ie. not realmedia to .VOB) please tell me.

Thanks in advance!



Suggest giving DVDFab a trial - it is free for 21 days and full featured - it will do what you are trying to do with minimal fuss-eh

Dvd-video consists of .vob, .ifo and .bup files all within a Video_TS folder. If you just have .vob files, you do not have the full structure needed to burn a dvd-video.

I suggest importing your .vob files into DVDStyler and author them to the correct format/structure. DVDStyler is free to download and use without restrictions.