Simple DVD disc to disc Copy Software?



Is there simple DVD to DVD copying software that doesn’t install a bunch of other crap that will conflict with any other burning software? I want to be able to copy DVDs on the fly, disc to disc. That it.

My old copy of Nero 5.5 was great at doing this but when I upgraded to 6.6 Ultra, I lost the ability to do this. I get the same error many others are getting…something like “unable to copy this disc to DVD” or something along that lines. No the DVDs are not copy-writed.

I’m trying out Elby’s CloneDVD but there’s too much to go through to just do a straight copy, takes too long also. Nero 5.5 took 15min using 4x media and copying on the fly.

I don’t want to downgrade to Nero 5.5.

Does anyone have a known fix for this Nero problem or recommend some simple disc copying software? Nero was supposed to have fixed this problem in version 6.3 but apparently it still happens. :frowning: